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Wave Hunter Mentawai Boat

Score the best waves of your life.


We take you there.

The Boat


The best value you will find for your boat trip experience!

Board Wave Hunter Mentawai Surf Charter for the ultimate surf experience at the lowest possible rates without sacrificing comfort. 

The owners are onboard to make sure you get the waves of your life while being treated like royalty.


The charter is constantly improving its service, boat features, and equipment to make sure that you have all you need. We have snorkels, a spearfishing gun, fishing equipment and a spare dinghy so that there is no wait for you to join the lineup.

Nothing can compare to 11 days of waking up to breakfast on the table with a dinghy ready to take you out to an idyllic lineup, so you can surf your brains out, eat again and repeat.

Wave Hunter Mentawai
Wave Hunter Mentawai is 70 feet long wood vessel for up to 16 passengers with comfort.


2 couple cabins and 12 dormitory beds all with AC. The top deck has full 360˚ view of the waves from the front and back. 


It is propelled by 2 Mitsubishi 622's with 280 Hp/ Engine, giving a guaranteed hull speed of 10 Knots.


You will get way more than you will pay for!!

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