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Wave Hunter Mentawai

Wave Hunter

Designed for royal chilling.

Wave Hunter 

Watch your footage from the day on the TV in the air-conditioned lounge as you savor a chef prepared fresh meal.


Then go crack a beer open and laze outside watching your mates get barreled. As the days here are nice and long, whenever you see that special set, munch on fruits or chocolate and hop on the dinghy to jump off in the line up with your hair dry and be ready for the next one. Top it all off with an epic dinner and crank that a/c in your cabin for a much needed night of recovery.

All tech info aside, our boat will take you and your mates to the best and least crowded spots possible each day.

Clean & Fresh


12 single beds in a comfy AC dormitory  with plenty of storage space to keep your bags.

100% cotton bed cover, sheets, curtain.

Cabins for couples on request.


Dimensions in meters:​

1- Dorm Front 2,4 /1,1 wide x 1,8 long x 0.9 high.

2- Top back  2.45 wide x 1.74 long x 1 high.

3- Top front 2.45 wide x 2.35 long x 1 high.

Wave Hunter is 70 feet long with 50mm wood planking making for a very solid vessel.


It was rebuilt to accommodate up to 16 passengers with comfort. 2 couple cabins and 12 dormitory beds all with AC.


The top deck also gives our guests full 360˚ view of the waves from the front and back. 


It is propelled by 2 Mitsubishi 622's with 280 Hp/ Engine for 10-12 Knots speed. There are 2 generators 25kva with Mitsubishi colt Diesel,415 VAC 240VAC 24vdc.


You will get way more than you will pay for!!


Safety Equipment:

- Furuno 24Nm radar

- Garmin G.P.S

- S.S.B. Radio I-Com 700 S.S.B 

- V.H.F. Radio

- Epirb 104Mhz SOLAS

- 15 Man Life Raft SOLAS all Flares and Safety Equipment


Speed Boat Specification 

 4.75m long x 2.25m wide aluminium Tender with 40HP Yamaha outboard and an additional aluminuium boat with 15hp Yamaha engine for back up. 

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