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Nias & Banyak

Best cost benefit.

Wave Hunter 

Explore the famous waves of Nias and nearby!


Sets off from Lagundri Bay and heads up to Telo Island or up north to the Banyaks through Asu and Hinako islands.

Surf magnificent waves and see the beauty of Indonesia Islands.

11 nights from USD $1900

Max 10 surfers on its regular trips, but it can accommodate up to 12 surfers upon request. There are 4 comfortable bedrooms with 2 single beds in each room, as well as 4 single bunk beds in the V berth quarters. All rooms and the lounge are air-conditioned.

There are 2 bathrooms with showers, a main saloon with dinning table and TV , fridge, gallery and upstairs there is a 360-degree view deck with amazing views out into the ocean.

The boat is also equipped with fishing and snorkelling gear.

Clean & Fresh


12 single beds in a comfy AC dormitory  with plenty of storage space to keep your bags.

100% cotton bed cover, sheets, curtain.

Cabins for couples on request.


Dimensions in meters:​

1- Dorm Front 2,4 /1,1 wide x 1,8 long x 0.9 high.

2- Top back  2.45 wide x 1.74 long x 1 high.

3- Top front 2.45 wide x 2.35 long x 1 high.

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